Our Products

Cobblestone Creek Farm is a diversified vegetable farm. We grow a wide variety of vegetables to offer our customers one stop shopping for vegetables over an extended season. We maintain a good variety of all the favorites, but we also like to add on some lessor known or s hopped-for varieties. For example, daikon radishes are a unique root crop that most people are unfamiliar with. It has a long refrigerated s held life, a mild radish flavor, but becomes very sweet when cooked low and slow.

The chart attached indicates the majority of our crops and when they are available. This list only covers the main crops, many others are also growing on the farm.

Produce Chart 3

Many more varieties will find their way into your weekly CSA basket!

In 2013 we began to raise chickens at the farm, providing us with a steady supply of rich brown eggs. The chickens are cage free and enjoy the outdoors and a large enclosed run. We do have a lot of predators here, including hawks, coyotes, snakes, raccoons and woodchucks that think live chickens make the best meal! For that reason, they are enclosed inside fencing. But they do run free, enjoying the fresh air and exercise. During the growing season they love fresh vegetables. Every morning their feed is supplemented with vegetables, sometimes zucchini, sometimes, greens, tomatoes, and even melons. They love their veggies and it adds to the nutritional value of their eggs. In 2014 we began to offer eggs as a CSA add-on. They can be purchased for an egg only CSA for the winter, or along with a veggie share for the growing season.